3P Ride, Inc., will soon be transitioning to a new name – rabbitCARES.  While our name may be changing, our mission is not. We will still strive to do the following:

  • Offer a link for riders to easily reach and inform decision makers of existing barriers, thus moving away from the top-down approach that is often utilized, to a more bottom-up approach.
  • Build inclusion and collaboration into our work so that we can address not what we assume is the need, but the needs as we hear them from the partnership.
  • Work with the partnership to identify solutions to the needs/barriers and then seek funding sources to support those efforts.
  • Provide a mechanism to serve populations that fall outside of traditional transportation funding streams.

You can also keep up to date with our journey here: https://www.rabbittransit.org/general-information/internal/rabbitcares/

What is Shared Ride?

“Access to Care” is a committee formed to help bridge the gap between healthcare and transportation. This initiative identified a general lack of awareness regarding Public Transportation options, primarily Shared Ride/Paratransit, including how this service can better meet mobility needs. rabbittransit created this awareness video to help educate healthcare professionals, community stakeholders and the general public on “What is Shared Ride?”.

Click here to view the video with closed captioning.

What is the goal of 3P Ride?

To improve the mobility experience to better connect people to their community.



With riders on our committee, the program aims to learn more about what you want and need for better transportation. To learn more or get involved call 717.846.RIDE (7433) or email info@3P-Ride.org.


We want to hear from you! What would help connect you?


More Buses.
More Routes.
More Times.

Working with health centers to book a Shared Ride when making an appointment.


Team up with volunteers and organizations that would provide rides.

Have an idea?


Priority Goal #1: Secure and develop necessary financial and human resources

Priority Goal #2: Continue to advocate for enhanced and expanded transportation access and services

Priority Goal #3: Implement an effective and ongoing program of education and awareness


Resource Development

  • Secure and develop necessary financial and human resources

Service Enhancement and Advocacy

  • Continue to advocate for enhanced and expanded transportation access and services

Education and Marketing

  • Implement an effective and ongoing program of education and awareness